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The idea of ​​creation,
color palettes

A familiar situation when you come to choose a color, they give you a range of 1000 shades... and you sit down to look at it for 2 hours, or even more?  We thought and created ready-made selections in advance.  As a basis for the selections, we took the works on color science by Johannes Itten, Kandinsky, as well as knowledge on technical aesthetics. Rethinking and adapting them for use in interiors, we have selected the most vibrant and harmonious colors for you!

With the help of photographs, we took colors from nature.  Everything you need is here!  The entire palette is on your hands: the colors of clay and brick , the colors of oatmeal cookies and plaited rope, the calm natural colors of stones and earth, the cool Scandinavian range of water and clouds, the colors of green coniferous forests and mosses in light and dark versions. All shades are matching with each other, so they can be used both in related combinations and in contrast.  Our color circle will help you with this - by rotating a triangle or a square around the corners , you will see ready-made combinations.  Everything is ready, it remains only to take into account a couple of things:

•when choosing a color, you need to look at it vertically, since the angle of the incident light changes the perception of the shade;
• it is very important to choose a color at the same lighting temperature as in your home, because this is how you will see it in the finale in the interior;  
• the background-surrounding on which the selection takes place, because the surrounding background changes the perception of color, and the same color on a different background will have different shades;
• seasonality, as your choice depends even on the season!  In the fall, we want to surround ourselves with the one types of colors, and in the summer - completely different.

Therefore, we advise you to make a choice directly closer to painting.  By following our advice, you will choose your color from the first time and will enjoy it for a long time. Designer paints for the interior with a selection of the most harmonious colors.

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